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Barrduhn by BloodyFlame-IronName Barrduhn :iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 1 3 The Walking Dead South Park [2] by BloodyFlame-IronName The Walking Dead South Park [2] :iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0 Nightwish South Park by BloodyFlame-IronName Nightwish South Park :iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0
The Emporium of Important Imaginative Improv's!
Welcome to the Emporium of Important Imaginative Improvs!
The wonderful world of Dragons that spit paper, rocks that are made of water and two plus two equals ecstasy! It's fun for all ages between 5 years before birth, and over 1,000 years after death. Yes, there are many things to enjoy. Eat a beer cake and watch the ginger bread man construct an entire village made of leprechaun bones. Ever wanted to drink fish milk through a crocodile snout? Neither has anyone else, but why pass up this awful opportunity!!? Come on down to the E.I.I.I. Leave your I.Q.'s at home. After a night here, you wont need it! Did I mention one night equals about 48 dog years? Well it DOES! So quit your job! Divorce your spouse! And sell your home. When you're here, you'll never leave! EVEN IF YOU REALLY WANT TOO! Don't run away from the truth. Write a goodbye note and fake your death. BECAUSE YOU'LL DIE HERE INSTEAD!!! IN AN AWESOME WAY TOO! Like a dinosaur can eat you. Many to choose from! START A NEW LIFE
:iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0
Don't try to save
Don't even speak
Don't brave the bold
Don't tame the weak
Don't give a damn
Don't try to care
Don't rescue me
And don't be there
Don't say you will
Don't say you won't
Don't say you love
I know you don't
Don't try to blame
Don't try to cry
Don't try to flee
Don't try to fly
Don't want to win
Don't want to lose
Don't want to hear
Don't spread the news
Don't take a drink
Don't take a bite
Don't fuel the fire
Don't start the fight
Don't try to live your dreams
Don't wish upon a star
Don't think I'll be around forever
Don't think you'll make it far
Don't think you ever may
Don't think you even might
But number one on this list of don'ts
Don't think that I'm not right.
--Jace Jamison
:iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0
No Mystery
There's a little man that lives inside everybody's head.
I recall the very phrase that silly man had said;
"You must live until you die. You must walk until you fly.
You must laugh until you cry. I will not tell the reason why."
I trusted in the words he spoke, they sounded wise and pure.
Every day I wondered on and finally found life's cure.
"Mystery is what moves us on. There is no time to stall.
We live to find new meaning until at last we know it all."
--Jace Jamison
:iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0
We live in lies that blurs our eyes. No compromise. It's our demise we realize we've slain the wise. Our young will rise in lies then fall. Our goodbyes our cries our fears in tears for all the years of our guns and our glory in this gory story of the fate we fought and did not defeat but repeat our years of fears in history's mirrors and realize there is no compromise. Just demise in our world of lies.
--J. Jamison
:iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0
Oh fortunate misfortunes. The handy work of doom.
You stop to breath. You've been retrieved. Your whole life is consumed.
And when we look for our visions. Our whole world's painted black.
Without a doubt we've been locked out and there's no going back.
Look for our fireworks exploding in the sky.
We're weary. Weak. Our canteens leak. We fear we wont survive.
And if not a single person, can see our S.O.S.
Us S.O.B.'s are S.O.L. We never would have guessed.
Our lives have been misguided. There is no going home.
Just now to sit back and be attacked and wait for death to come.
--J. Jamison
:iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0
The Walking Dead South Park by BloodyFlame-IronName The Walking Dead South Park :iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0 Zombie Records. Year: 792 by BloodyFlame-IronName Zombie Records. Year: 792 :iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 1 0 Zombie Records. Year:??? by BloodyFlame-IronName Zombie Records. Year:??? :iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0 Zombie Records. Year: 1978 by BloodyFlame-IronName Zombie Records. Year: 1978 :iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0 Zombie Records. Year: 2010 by BloodyFlame-IronName Zombie Records. Year: 2010 :iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 1 0 SICKNESS by BloodyFlame-IronName SICKNESS :iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0 Zombie Records. Year: 1944 by BloodyFlame-IronName Zombie Records. Year: 1944 :iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0
Treasures Lost
Fourteen days since we set sail
Across the seven seas until
We land at port and mount the land
We'll dig 'till our boots be full of sand
Our gold was lost by Captain Skull
And Captain Blair came, found, and stole it
We will not rest until it's ours
And when it's found sail t'ward the stars
We dig for days, our lives astray
Our eyes be weak, we, tattered and frayed
We strike our gold, our hopes come back
The horns are blown, It's an attack.
Flintlocks strike, blunderbuss booms
Cutlass slash, eyes be skewn
Cannons pound the pirates we
On the ground, the pirates we
As dense as the ocean, our blood in the sand
All pirates will know, we made the stand
Fought valiantly us, many men were lost
But for all of this plunder, 'twas worth the cost
The treasure is ours, to port we shall sail
Our treasure we found, our Holy grail.
~Jace C. L. Jamison
~ 02/02/2010
~written in the Parkland College Art Gallery
:iconbloodyflame-ironname:BloodyFlame-IronName 0 0


AT THE DRIVE-THROUGH by alexiuss AT THE DRIVE-THROUGH :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 884 59 JurassicPark:RockyRoad by bridgitconnell JurassicPark:RockyRoad :iconbridgitconnell:bridgitconnell 173 14 PhiladelphiAvengers by bridgitconnell PhiladelphiAvengers :iconbridgitconnell:bridgitconnell 70 18 YESI'LLMEETYOUDOWNTHERELATER by bridgitconnell YESI'LLMEETYOUDOWNTHERELATER :iconbridgitconnell:bridgitconnell 469 55 Deus ex machina by e-volos Deus ex machina :icone-volos:e-volos 2,535 524 Doctor Who 1-12 and War by Nyctophiliac-Rain Doctor Who 1-12 and War :iconnyctophiliac-rain:Nyctophiliac-Rain 7 5 My Clockwork Steampunk Army by xtianayuni My Clockwork Steampunk Army :iconxtianayuni:xtianayuni 4 1 ULAG Son of Noj by SharpWriter ULAG Son of Noj :iconsharpwriter:SharpWriter 210 35 Ash by blitzcadet Ash :iconblitzcadet:blitzcadet 975 79 Farewell and Adieu by blitzcadet Farewell and Adieu :iconblitzcadet:blitzcadet 340 28 Mickey and Mallory by blitzcadet Mickey and Mallory :iconblitzcadet:blitzcadet 514 25 Fury Road Spread by blitzcadet Fury Road Spread :iconblitzcadet:blitzcadet 2,455 87 Mad Max Mayhem by JoopaDoops Mad Max Mayhem :iconjoopadoops:JoopaDoops 777 82 Immortan Joe Car by pungang Immortan Joe Car :iconpungang:pungang 270 21 Birdman by JamesBousema Birdman :iconjamesbousema:JamesBousema 84 3 Bat Out of Hell by sandara Bat Out of Hell :iconsandara:sandara 7,737 490



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Jace "Goonie"
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United States
One day, my name will be more than letters.
There are periods of time where you feel like people look right past you and have no idea that you exist. Then bright sunny days come along and you start to feel a little less invisible.
--J. Jamison


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